Omoyele Davey

Omoyele Davey

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Qualification Qualified interpreter/translator

Language BSL/English

Location England – Greater London

About My name is Omoyele Davey and I have worked as a BSL Interpreter for over 20 years. I have worked in every domain going but now specialise on Mental health, Conferences, Local government and performance work. I absolutely love my job after all this time and I am passionate about access provision. I am also a Qualified Professional Supervisor and have done this since 2015 after being part of the first co-hort to qualify under 360 Supervision. I am lucky to have a second career that I love as much as my first, I believe all interpreters/translators should have a safe non judgmental space to go to explore their work in order to be better all round professionals. I will also begin working as Course Tutor on the 360 Supervision Course at the end of 2023 to train up the next co-hort of Professional Supervisors.

Areas Covered England – Greater London

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