Loquessa Smart

Loquessa Smart

Email Address smart.interprets@gmail.com

Qualification Qualified interpreter/translator

Language English – BSL

Location England – South East (excluding London)

About I trained as an interpreter at Bristol University and when I graduated in 1995, I started work as an interpreter. Throughout my career, I have worked in both the community and more formal settings such as local government conferences and business settings. In the community my work covers working within health settings, legal -including court and police, training and social services, mental health and therapies, education, and Access to work meetings and interviews. I work primarily in Kent although on occasions I will travel out of the county. My work has extended to include remote working using various media platforms which now enables me to cover work outside of Kent and in more domains. I am also an ASLI trained Mentor with over 12 years experience of in supervising and developing interpreters at all levels. In 2018 I became a qualified Transformation and Confidence coach and an NLP Practitioner, offering support to those who wish to develop both their personal and working lives.

Areas Covered England – South East (excluding London)

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